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This contest is now closed.
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Contest Rules

  • $BYLO buys from new wallet addresses only
    (no holdership prior to Dec 20)
  • New address are eligible for up to two (2) entries
  • Buys must be a minimum of 0.1Ξ
  • Contest ends Jan 02, 2022 (12:00am PST [UTC-8])
    • Winners drawn and announced in Discord morning of Jan 02
  • Winners will be drawn using the following process:
    • Valid entries will be logged into a public spreadsheet each day
    • Each entry will be assigned a unique, incrementing number
    • A number will be randomly rolled in a public channel using a bot
    • The owner of the public address with the corresponding number will be sent their prize
    • First place winner will be drawn first, then second place winner
    • Only the entry number from the first place wallet will be removed; if the first place winner had two (2) entries, they may be able to win the second place prize with their second entry too!

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Good luck and HODL your bag! 🚀🌕

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