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Invite Competition

This contest is now closed.
The winners are:
First place: OOPSIE#5986
Second place: adityerl#9297

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Contest Rules

  1. Generate an invite link using the method below in the instruction video
  2. Share this with crypto enthusiasts and hot wallet users in your network
  3. Each joined member counts as one (1) entry for you
  4. Each server member can have a maximum of seven (7) entries
  5. Two winners will be drawn when the contest ends
    🥇 First place receives 5,000,000 $BYLO tokens (~$350+)
    🥈 Second place receives 1,000,000 $BYLO tokens (~$70+)
  6. Contest ends on Dec 24, 2021 (9pm EST)

How to generate an invite link

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