Sprint Week 51, 2021

🖋 Last week’s sprint saw the release of new wireframes that will be used as the basis for the user interface (UI) of the alpha wallet. In its earliest phases, the wallet will be very simple and focus on the trading concepts for fast transactions using user-provided private keys.

👉 A couple notes about the alpha version:

  • iOS only
  • Ethereum pairs only
  • Uniswap only

Wireframes & Annotations

There will be no AMM selection setting until more AMM’s
are made available to the app (Beta+).

Voice Chat Notes & Highlights

The discussion was opened by Mike, thanking all the listeners for sticking with the project. It couldn’t happen without them. He also described recent changes to the team structure. Mike talked about the fact that we needed to reorganize and get established with a long-term mindset, and treat this project like the real start-up that it is. This means expanding the dedicated team members and relegating more ownership of roles to these delegates. He opened the floor for me, Rich, to talk about these changes.

I gave a background of work history: over a decade in front-end web development, and 8 years working with tech startups that build websites and/or web apps at scale. I have a strong background in product management and setting up tooling and documentation systems for growing teams to collaborate. I am bringing my knowledge of inbound and outbound product management to this project by helping Mike plan sprints each week, and translating the completed work into release notes (like this one) to breathe transparency into our communication with the community. Having these systems in place will help set deadlines and accountability for progress and set up a feedback loop by which we can make iterative improvements to the application and processes.

I also mentioned that restructuring was integral for the continuing of development. When Mike originally started the project, he was wearing all the hats at once — and he had hired a development agency to do work on the application so that he could stay on top of the community and manage requirements. The problem is that the development agency was not hitting its targets, was missing communication, committing bad code to the project, and coming up short in all possible ways. This proved to be a huge waste of money and time. Mike came to me to ask if we could take these things on and own the whole process. I’ve followed this project from day one, and opted to help out my long-time friend with ensuring its success.

One of the things that I will be finishing up this week is a public marketing folder loaded with logos, assets and collateral that can be used to share and distribute to get more attention on the project. This will be accessible right through the website. We want to empower the community to speak strongly about this project and tout it in every way possible. We are also building a strong framework that will demonstrate our commitment to quality, communication and progress so that we can attract new app users and investors.

Additionally, Terrapin has taken the role of community manager. He is a swing trader and investor in many projects and can hold discussion about calls, as well as support the community questions and interests in our open channels. He has a keep attention to detail, and helps to build on team documentation.

We will also have a software test engineer named Jon who will be helping Mike with back-end code reviews and unit testing to ensure that we are building a stable and scalable application. Jon gave a few words, and admitted that he has had a look at the current code base and confirmed that we are not building vaporware.

Mike talked about how detrimental Telegram is to productivity because of the generally toxic attitudes there and the constant FUD that crept into the channel, very often unchecked at late hours of the night. However, we want to open it back up once we have the alpha in hands of current holders.

We are now operating weekly sprints, where planning is done on Monday and then review happens on Friday. Each Wednesday, I put together the release notes that aggregate and detail the work that was completed from the prior week — for instance, today’s release notes cover what was done during last week’s Mon – Fri stretch.

Mike and I covered on the topic of $BYLO holdership, and how we will soon put together some options for the community to vote on. Continuing to hold $BYLO is a good idea (cannot stress this enough) because one of the most attractive options is to have the premium wallet application’s features paid for in ETH each month (because it’s fewer txns and cheaper on gas) and to turn that into a revenue source for $BYLO token holders — whether it’s pumping that into liquidity, or adding it to the collective ETH reflections pool with withdrawals. Either way, holding $BYLO will and maintaining a good proportion of it to the supply will increase your passive returns once the revenue source is implemented.

In any case, the $BYLO token will serve as a governance token for wallet development and features. Again, these concepts will be put up to vote when we’re ready. Voting on topics like this will only be made available to verified holders.

Going forward we will have VC’s on weekly basis (each Wednesday at 7am PST [UTC-8]) at which time release notes will be made available before the meeting, and we can go over the details. Questions and comments on these sessions can inform the work scheduled for the following week. VC’s will be hosted on Discord until the alpha is released, then TG will be open simultaneously. VC’s will also be broadcast via Twitch (in the Just Chatting category) to increase project visibility and give participants the option of passive listening. Broadcasts will be recorded, uploaded to YouTube, and embedded on the corresponding week’s release notes page once published. Release notes and updates will also be cross-published on Medium with transcriptions of the chat to summarize this for folks who prefer to read instead of watch.

If you have any questions, tag us in the Discord server, or drop us a line right here.


  • Organization restructure adds new core team members to handle tasks that were previously exhausting Mike and preventing him from getting work done.
  • The development agency that Mike originally used proved to be a waste of time and money, and we are working to recover those resources as swiftly as we can (and this is a HUGE reason for product delays).
  • Team is working in weekly sprints, and will share release notes from the prior week’s code commits and what they mean for users.
  • Voice chats will be held each week on Wed (7am PST [UTC-8]) after release notes are published, and the notes will be reviewed and open for questions or comments. VC’s will be recorded and embedded onto the corresponding release notes page once finished.
  • $BYLO holdership will enable poll voting and act as a governance for the app development
  • Poll will be released soon to vote on premium feature subscription methods, which will create revenue streams for the $BYLO token to increase its value.