This week the team worked to finalize the iOS application bundle and execute extensive local testing of functions and UI to prepare for the alpha release. A couple of critical errors were found in the process that have been proven tricky to solve.

🔐 The first error affects private key security. An improvement must be made to how the keys are stored to prevent them from being easily exposed to a nearby bad actor in the event that a user’s mobile device is left unlocked.

⛽️ The second critical error pertains to gas calculations and Infura nodes. Some additional testing is needed against Infura nodes to dial in calculations so that txns don’t fail repeatedly. In the future, Bylo will not be using Infura nodes for any of its chain calls — but custom nodes are not ready for the alpha version.

⏳️ We are working hard to fix these errors soundly to ensure proper functioning of the app when it’s distributed. We appreciate the patience of the community while these show-stopping errors are resolved as soon as possible. Once they are confirmed as patched, the iOS app will be distributed via TestFlight to alpha users.

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